Welcome, please enjoy looking at my illustrations. I use a variety of techniques depending on what is required. I use a whole host of media including pencil, watercolour, ink and also produce digital illustrations. My work combines illustration with design and I am able to adapt my work for different subject matter.

I recently designed a set of  Fairground Cards based on my illustrations of the Nottingham Goose Fair. Nottingham my home town and host city of the annual Goose Fair influenced my art and fuelled my interest in the Popular Arts. From a very early age I was intrigued by the shapes, colours and particularly the many characters of the rides and stalls. Also take a look at my latest Nottingham Cards.  

At Northumbria University I studied Graphic Design. I then embarked on a rich and interesting life as an expat in the Gulf, absorbing the mix of different cultures whilst working as a Graphic Designer; designing campaigns, marketing materials and product launches for international clients.
At Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, I gained a Masters Degree in Children's Book Illustration. My work combines design and illustration and has been showcased at the Candid Arts Trust Gallery in London, the Cambridge School of Art and at the Bologna Children's Book Fair.